Monterrey, México was where it all began. Mariana Villarreal’s love for jewelry made her start Sangre de mi Sangre, the fabulous collection of bits and pieces of her imagination.

Even though literature and philosophy were once Mariana’s dream professions, it abruptly changed to something even more spectacular: jewelry design. She started making jewelry for herself and eventually sold them in her hometown. It became a passion as well as an everyday job. She has definitely come a long way from her first design: a silver amethyst ring ten years ago.

To begin exploring the world of jewelry was great for Mariana and she sought the need for classes and decided to move to New York, where she went to a Metalsmith school. Afterwards, she decided to travel the world and seek new inspirations.

Travelling opened horizons and possibilities; fabulous stones and pieces were brought back to complete her one-of-a-kind collections. Thailand,

Mymar, Cambodia, Colombia, Vietnam, India, Mexico and the US are all destinations full of inspiration and the designer chose their magic, mystery and splendor as start-off points in her collections. Mariana’s work is represented with high quality, innovative pieces.

Sangre de mi Sangre's store is in Mexico City’s bohemian neighborhood: Roma. This is a "city" within the city where it’s all about art and beauty. Seeing Roma for the first time was what motivated Mariana to move to Mexico in the first place.

She works, lives and promotes this artistic neighborhood.

Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Nylon, Elle and Wallpaper have all featured Sangre de mi Sangre’s pieces in their publications.

Sangre de mi Sangre has two lines: collections and custom-made jewelry.